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Same here. No update on Groupees, no keys in my bundle. Go to Steam, says I have to come here. Come key. What's up? In the over 250 Greenlighted games I've bought through bundles over the past few years, I've never had to chase a key down like this.

EDIT: I posted a more polite version of this in the Steam Militia forum immediately after I posted here. Within half an hour, I received a key. I rarely see a developer this active, this fast, and this dedicated to a game so long after its release. His games are now insta-buys from me.

Same as below, purchased groupees greenlight bundle 33 where Militia was featured...

When are keys coming?

Hello, where is the request key option?

Please send a steam key, i bought it from groupees greenlight bundle 33

Should be on the Milita: Dark World page for you at the top if you have redeemed it here on

If it isn't, take a quick screenshot and send me an email at braingoodgames (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll get you sorted out! :)

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Hi! Please, send me steam key, i already have this game here! Thanks!